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Plants—The New TP!

A brief conversation the other evening with my friend Alice Loghouse included a passing comment that plants have become the new TP—selling out by days' end when delivered to Portland locations.

Plants, as opposed to toilet paper, have something to give you in return. Their joy and benefits are compounding. Outdoor activity and exercise, science class, family time, food for your family, a gift to share with a neighbor, food for thought (that's my main reward), some products to can or freeze and enjoy at a later date, maybe a small business venture for your kiddos as they sell pints of cherry tomatoes to your neighbors.

FEAR... it created a panic and everyone sought out TP??


Because springing out of fear needs to be a solid sense of a call to action. Let fear have its way with you—but only for a second! Then, go plant a garden!


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