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Fallen Flowers

As I hurried myself yesterday to settle our newly-delivered hanging baskets onto the racks we'd prepared for them, I struggled. Engulfed by amazing fragrance and beauty, I couldn't help but glance at the blooms falling to the ground. They hadn't weathered the two-mile ride to our farm.

Not because they weren't resilient but rather because they were on the outer, unprotected part of the plant and were crushed by the paper wrapping surrounding them for transport. Wrong place at the wrong time.

My eyes naturally went to the large arrangement of flowers that hung so stellar-like on the racks for all to see and admire. Then, as God usually does, He led my thoughts to a reality far richer than selling beautiful plants.

Look again, Amy, at the fallen blooms. If you actually get down and look closely, you will see some of the most stunning beauty. There are those, Amy, who have been beautiful people but for countless reasons have fallen to the ground and been trampled on. Ignored, swept away... talked about. If you slow down a bit and listen to my voice, I will lead you to those who seem to think the ground is where they belong.

We are all really one situation from falling. We just don't know it!

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1 Comment

Mary Ruther
Mary Ruther
Apr 02, 2021

heartfelt ~ tears for our border ~crying now

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